Friday, July 31, 2009

Single Payer is ON the Table

Thanks to Representative Weiner from New York. Ya gotta love this guy!

And this is the best part. He makes the Republicans who say they don't want, don't trust government run health care to put up or shut up. He offers an amendment to get rid of medicare (that he and all the Democrats planned to vote against).

Again ya really gotta love this guy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lily Tomlin Tells It Like It Is

Why oh why oh why does Congress insist on reforming health care from the perspective of the money makers like the private health insurers and the pharmaceutical companies? Why are they maneuvering to assure that they get what they want when the whole idea of a health care system ought to be to ensure the health of the citizens? What is BEST for the public, for society, for families, for human beings ought to be their goal.

Thank you Lily and thank you Earnestine for telling it like it is!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Keep Calling Congress

Congress and the Media think that the 'stake holders' in the health care debate are the insurance lobby (AHIP), Big Pharma, and anyone who can pay $25,000 to hold a Salon in the editor of the Washington Post's house (that luckily was exposed and repudiated).

Actually, We the People are the only stake holders who matter. We are the voters. We can re-elect those who support real health care reform: Improved and Expanded Medicare for All. And we can defeat any and all Congresscritters who vote against the People's wish for access to quality health care.

Lee Stranahan is doing a series of videos on health care reform. Check out his website.

And Call Your Senators and Your Representative! Tell them you want a real, strong public option. You want Improved and Expanded Medicare for All! Tell them if they fail you, you will fail to vote for them.