Friday, October 05, 2012

Vote NO on 32

Proposition 32 claims to be the "Paycheck Protection" proposition. That couldn't be further from the truth. For working folks the proposition actually takes away their voice in Sacramento.

Who would you trust to make good governmental policy decisions for you and your family? Billionaires whose greatest priority is their own bottom line? Health insurance companies who have a track record of denying your claim for needed care prescribed by your doctor? Secretive Super PAC groups who can raise unlimited amounts of money to support and elect politicians friendly to their agendas? 

It is our elected officials who make the policies in Sacramento that affect our lives. If they are in the pockets of billionaires, big corporations and Super PACs, we the People have little chance of getting our voices heard and needs considered.

In 1999 California passed the nation's first Nurse to Patient Ratios Law. Since the Law's inauguration multiple studies have confirmed that it saves patients' lives. This was a 'gimme' to nurses who work at the bedside. We knew that the more patients we had to care for, the less time we would have to see to the individual needs of each patient and the higher the risk of missing the signs that indicated when a particular patient was getting into trouble.

We fought for over 10 years to get the Ratios Law passed. We needed Assembly members and Senators who understood the value this law would have for patient safety and who would not be cowed by the Hospital Association who disapproved of such regulation.  We organized and educated and campaigned for the law as well as for legislators who supported the law. All that took money. Had Proposition 32 been in effect back then we would not have been able to do that.

Proposition 32 is not paycheck protection or campaign reform. It is a deceptive, misleading measure brought to us by billionaires and big corporations who don't want to be bothered with ideas from regular citizens. It benefits the rich.  It limits everyone elses' voice and power in Sacramento.

The Los Angeles Times described Proposition 32 as "A Fraud to end all Frauds." They got that right.

Vote NO on 32.


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