Thursday, June 05, 2008

Insurance Companies are Seeing the Writing on the Wall

The San Francisco Chronicle today let a CEO of an insurance company beg for recognition in the health care revolution that is coming. He was greated with disdain and disbelief.

The private insurance companies have a lot of nerve. First they screw-up the health care system for the sake of their own profits; then when they see the tide turning against them (hopefully in tsunami fashion), they start whining about how valuable they are. Too late. And not even true. They have only seen us as dollar signs. They have not provided us with the care we needed when we needed it. Their greed is now so distasteful and so disgusting that all sane people are looking to get rid of them. Single Payer Universal Health Care like John Conyers has proposed (HR 676) is exactly what America needs. Choose your own doctor. Choose the hospital to go to. Go get care when you need it. No pre-existing conditions. Prescription drugs covered. Everybody's covered. This is way to a healthy, strong workforce and bright, happy children. What are we waiting for? We just need to get guys like Bruce out of the way.


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