Friday, October 26, 2007

Bush to Children: Go Ahead and Die

President George W Bush to America's Children: We grown-ups are not going to make sure you get the medical care you need. Sorry. Tell your parents to get jobs with health insurance.

We ought to be providing health care to ALL children, making sure that they all get a healthy start. Choosing some and leaving the rest behind is diabolical. But the Bush administration and the Republican Party refuse to help over 4 million American children get health care claiming that their parents make too much money. They are so out of touch with the real plight of American Families.

Insurance premiums for a family of 4 can run at least $1200/month. That's the house payment plus food for many Americans. That's just the house payment for many others. A family would need to make over $60,000-70,0000/year to be able to handle such monthly payments.

Congress had passed a bill (S-CHIP) that would have extended health care coverage to over 4 million American children that are not presently covered (because health insurance costs too much). George Bush vetoed it.

A courageous 12-year-old, Graeme Frost, spoke up in a 2 minute Democratic response to the weekly Presidential message a few weeks ago, telling us how S-CHIP helped his family and made sure he and his sister got the health care they needed after they had been in a serious car crash. Because of S-CHIP's help, the Frost family didn't have to go bankrupt and could continue to be contributing, tax-paying Americans.

What's wrong with NOT losing your house and going bankrupt when your family is struck with a major medical problem?


As a matter of fact, we Americans should be proud that we helped families like the Frosts survive when their children suffered those devastating injuries in that car crash. However, the President finds them and those like them unworthy of assistance. Instead, he would prefer to deny care to them as well as some 4 million other American children. He's leaving them behind. Shame on him.

Oh that he would have actually served in the military! It is the code of Marines to leave no one behind. Oh that the President truly had that value engraved on his soul! Then he would not be able to veto health care for Children.

Though elections are far off, we must all remember how the values of the Republican Party were flaunted by their President as he, with an amused look on his face, denied our little ones. He had better be on the alert for millstones.


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